Cultivating Connections

You lie awake at night wondering about the future of your family and the industry that you give your heart and soul to. 

You feel that decisions that affect your livelihood are being made without your input or understanding of the consequences.  And it makes you WILD!

 You know that if you don’t do something, nothing will change, but you wonder what you can do.

You want to build positive connections with people who influence and make these decisions

 But you find it hard to attend workshops and face to face meetings because of family, distance, farm life and other commitments

You know that social media holds some of the key, but you really aren't sure how to use it, it’s overwhelming and scares you.

I am just like you; I have been where you are.

I have had the sleepless nights, the guilt of not feeling like I’m doing my bit, torn between family now and family future. 

I have learnt the long way around how to build effective connections.

I have struggled to find the best way to promote my industry and share the way of life that I love. 

And I want to save you the agony of the slow road and instead share with you how you can do this yourself, while still being there for your family and farm.

Put in your details to find out more about Ask An Aussie Farmer’s “Cultivating Connections”:  a series of LIVE online events (webinars), delivered direct to your computer.  You don’t have to leave the farm and your family but can still learn how simple it is to affect change, make a difference and positively impact your industry.

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